Oriental Rug Cleaning


Rug Services
Protect your investment by utilizing our services to get the most out of your rug. Summit Rug specializes in rug maintenance to assist you in keeping its original appearance and texture for as long as possible. May your rug be made of delicate wool or fine silk (or any other type of material for that matter), our experienced employees formulate a personalized plan as to how to treat your carpet based on its fiber content, the dyes, its foundation type, the weave type and even the condition that your rug is in

Dust & Hand Wash 

Rug and carpets act as a filter which collects and absorb airborne pollutants such as pollen and dust mites. Over time, these filters become full; allergens are re-released into the air, and create an unhealthy environment for your family, particularly for those suffering from asthma or allergies.


Rug Restoration & Repair

We see each carpet as a masterpiece of beauty and meticulous work. Over time, carpets may fade or be damaged through normal wear and tear. With our specialization in production, we have the tools and talent to restore any piece back to its original condition. Precisely matching fibers, colors, and patterns is an extremely challenging task; however, our skilled team is known for technical precision and fine craftsmanship. Our comprehensive understanding of traditional construction methods set us apart. After pieces are carefully restored, they are seamless and leave no trace of irregularity to the human eye. Summit Rug’s in-house artisans specialize in:

  • Hand binding
  • Holes, tears & worn areas
  • Non-slip underlay
  • Fringe repair & replacement
  • Rug reweaving

Each project is entirely unique and will require special repair treatments that vary in time and price. Summit Rug has attracted a team of the most knowledgeable and skilled restorers. Each project is analyzed by multiple specialists to ensure the highest standards of quality are met.


Rug & Carpet Seal

  • Permanent Stain Resistance – Will survive many professional cleanings
  • Permanent Sun Fade Resistance – Near 100% on many fabrics and carpets
  • Permanent Wear Resistance
  • Seals All Fabrics/Carpets – Wools, cotton, silk, synthetics, suedes, smooth leather
  • Penetrates / Seals Fibers Only – Won’t seal in dirt or stains
  • Static and Mildew Resistance
  • Flame/Smoke Spread Reduction – Approximately 13% & 25%
  • Nanotechnology – won’t change texture or color
  • Eco-Friendly & CA VOC compliant – No Fluorochemicals or PTFE Resin (non-stick)
  • Independent Laboratory and Aerospace Reports verify all performance claims



Providing accurate, written and verbal appraisals for insurance, replacement, retail, and estate evaluation purposes.

Rug Appraisal Includes:

Replacement Value – Country of Origin – Pattern & Design
Description of the Designs – Construction Type – Materials
Approximate age – Background/Border Colors – Condition with Specifics – Rug photo


Sell Your Rug

We buy fine oriental rugs or we are happy to help you to sale your rug for the best value.


Rug Rentals

We will work with you on a project-by-project basis to ensure that you are getting the best rugs for your needs. (Photo shoots -decoration and staging-Special events and occasions-Weddings)

Rug & carpet care 


In almost all instances, regular vacuuming of an Oriental rug with an electric vacuum cleaner is good for the rug. A dirty rug wears prematurely, and regular gentle vacuuming helps prevent dirt on the surface of the rug from filtering down into the pile where it can accumulate and cause increased wear. Still, be careful with a cleaner equipped with a power brush or “beater bar”, these powered brushes in the vacuum head helps the vacuum to do a good job on machine-made carpeting, but they cause a raking effect on the top layer of an Oriental rug ‘s pile if used too strenuously. For routine cleaning, use just the plain vacuum nozzle. This is especially important for fringes; try not to run an upright vacuum or a power brush attachment over the fringes. The brush shreds the fringes and causes rapid wear. Frequently fringes get caught and chewed up by the rotating mechanism of the brush and hence try to vacuum along the nap of the rug.



Day-to-day maintenance

Rugs should be brushed or vacuumed with a suction-only appliance regularly to prevent the buildup of damaging dust and grit. Rugs should also be rotated occasionally to even out any areas of wear or un-even sun fade that may be occurring. Vacuuming the back of the rug every now and again will keep it dust free and help prevent moths from harboring in the rug.

Avoid, if possible, placing very heavy furniture on rugs. If unavoidable place casters under small or sharp pointed feet. Shoes should be clean or use indoor sandals/slippers when walking on the rug.


Damp, heat, direct and strong sunlight

Damp is very damaging to Oriental carpets as they are always made from natural materials - wool, cotton and/or silk, which are susceptible to rot through dampness. Wool is susceptible to shrinkage so should not be left wet for extended periods.

Intense heat, i.e., in front of an open fire, or dried after cleaning with heat dryers is generally bad for rugs as it dries out the natural oils in the wool making it weak and brittle.

Excessive direct sunlight can cause fading over several years. Whilst some fading is often desirable and natural, too many ruins the look of the rug and reducing its lifespan by damaging the pile. This can be prevented by blocking the direct sunlight using blinds or curtains when the room isn’t in use. Pay attention to the placement of your rug, rotating it from time to time to gain a subtle and even fade in colors. A rug which is faded all over can have a soft, muted appearance; one which is much lighter at the top than the bottom does not look as good.

Keeping to these practices should help you to maintain the look and condition of your rug.



A potential disaster area! If left unattended, untrained pets can use a rug as a scratching pad or a chewing toy, or worse still, as a toilet. Whilst most physical damage can be repaired, pet urine, if left un-treated, can cause severe damage in the form of rot and discoloration. Keep an eye on your pet when they are near the rug unless your pet is trained and trustworthy. Having several scratching posts (cats), chew toys (dogs), and some form of training normally works.



Dealing with spills

With any spillage or accident involving liquids, speed is of the essence. Immediately blot with plain paper kitchen towels, soaking up the liquid until dry.
For any spillage involving food etc. scrape up the solids with a plastic spatula or a spoon and then blot up the damp residue with (preferably white) kitchen towels.  
With wool rugs, if any residue is left, a solution of carpet shampoo and warm water with a teaspoonful of white vinegar can be used. Carefully blot with a damp cloth which has been soaked and well squeezed out and/or use the foam. Dry as quickly as possible without using heat and vacuum. Carefully comb the pile in its natural direction to remove any matting, ideally before the rug dries.

If your silk rug becomes damage, contact us or your rug-dealer immediately!!!


Golden Rules:

Do not panic but be quick. Do not wait until the last guest has left your house and then start cleaning your rug! Most stains can be removed out of your rug or carpet if treated immediately after the spill occurs.

Use white paper towels or a white towel or cloth. Do not use a colored paper towels to remove a liquid stain, sometimes the color passes through the towel to your rug.

Use a spoon to scoop the liquid or food off the carpet. If there is a lot of liquid or semi-solid (Jam) use a spoon and try to remove as much as possible but do not press down on the carpet!

Do NOT use a knife to remove anything out of your carpet. You could end up damaging the pile of the rug.

Never scrub or brush any stain out of your carpet. You will make it worst; you might even damage the structure of the carpet and risk the dyes running.

If you have stain removal, test it before trying it. We do not recommend commercial stain removers, but if you want to use it be cautious and always read the label. Test the stain removal in a very small section before applying it to a large area, they can sometimes the remove colors out of your carpet.

Five Reasons to Use Pad:


A rug pad adds softness to any rug and dampens noise.


A pad under the rug prevents scratches and dye transfer to your floor or carpet below.


Because the rug pad acts as a buffer and prevents fibers from being crushed, it extends the life of your rug.


It helps hold the rug in place and prevents slips


It prevents the occurrence of mold, mildew, and odors by allowing more air circulation, stopping buildup of bacteria under your rug.