The Beauty Behind the GABBEH Rug

Hand knotted with naturally dyed wool and finished with a thick pile, these beautiful rugs celebrate the geometric stylings and elements of storytelling of their nomadic weavers. Gabbeh is a tribal rug originally made by women from Qashgai tribes of south-western of Persia. 
These rugs have a rich history with their first documentation dating all the way back to the sixteenth Century A.D. The word "gabbeh" (pronounced "gah-bay") comes from the Farsi language and translates to raw, natural, uncut. These rugs were woven in small sizes ranging from 2x3 feet to 5x7 feet; the people of the Qashgai tribes wanted the rugs to be small and light enough as they traveled around following the herds of animals. These rough-cut rugs were commonly woven on makeshift ground looms that were constructed out of the materials hauled and kept by tribesmen.
These rugs are truly unique and priceless treasures, each with their own unique story. So, if you want to add a touch of rich history and captivating color to any room, nothing can be better than a fine wool Gabbeh rug!